Leading RE Errors & Omissions Insurance

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Pearl Insurance and their E&O underwriting partner, XL Group, have partnered with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® to provide its members with our comprehensive national Real Estate Errors & Omissions (E&O) program.

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Pearl's E&O Program is one of the most comprehensive in the market today. It is underwritten by one of the nation's leading insurers, the XL Insurance companies (through Greenwich Insurance Company and Indian Harbor Insurance Company), rated "A" (excellent) by A.M. Best.

Premium Credits

Thanks to our status as the exclusive provider of the RELOguard® insurance program, all LeadingRE members are eligible to receive a special premium credit. Plus, if 15% of your firm earns professional designations, you will be eligible for premium credits.

E&O Insurance from Pearl Insurance may include following features:

Here are some key features of E&O coverage from Pearl Insurance:

  • Environmental coverage inclusive of "failure of giving advice"
  • Mold endorsement: A critical option with limits beginning at $100,000
  • Instant coverage immediately provided after application for agent's properties
  • Deductible reduction provided: Reduction is made for defense and damages when claims are closed in not more than 12 months
  • Open and Lockable House Property Damage Coverage: Applicable up to full policy limits
  • Fair Housing Discrimination Coverage (for both damages and defense)
  • Other supplementary coverage (payments made in addition to policy's limits liability and no deductible applied)

Don't make the mistake of leaving your business vulnerable to claims of omission or negligence. There are numerous reasons to obtain E&O coverage for your real estate company:

  1. Many clients require professionals with E&O insurance as a condition of working together
  2. Contracts only go so far in protecting professionals from potential lawsuits
  3. Clients don't hesitate in taking legal action if they feel the services don't meet expectations
  4. Defense costs can be very expensive even for frivolous cases
  5. Quality liability insurance programs help protect your financial security in a cost-effective manner

If you have questions about obtaining E&O insurance for your business, no matter how big or small, please contact Pearl Insurance today.