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Contracts only go so far to protect real estate professionals from potential lawsuits. And often, clients don't hesitate to take legal action if services don't meet their expectations.

When you’re working in the real estate industry, you need protection against the professional risks you face every day.

You must protect your Oregon real estate business from unforeseen liability issues. Otherwise, a sudden event could do serious damage to your business, no matter whether you run a large company in Portland, a medium-sized firm in Eugene, or a small consultancy in Hillsboro. Our team at Pearl Insurance has the skills, knowledge and resources to provide you with the best E&O insurance product to ensure the long-term protection and success of your real estate business.

Benefits of E&O Insurance for Oregon Real Estate Businesses

We design our E&O insurance packages to cover a variety of needs for all of our clients. For a real estate business like yours, coverage could include the following:

  • Instant coverage: Liability incidents won't wait, so we won't make you wait. You get E&O coverage immediately upon signing
  • Hacker protection: Hackers who want to steal your customers' data are skilled and persistent. To protect you against this, we offer $25,000 in network and privacy coverage
  • Fair Housing discrimination protection: If a misinterpretation of your real estate agency's actions leads to a Fair Housing discrimination lawsuit, our E&O insurance will cover both your legal defense and damage costs
  • Trial reimbursement and expenses: If a member of your team has to travel all the way out to a Salem or Gresham courthouse to be at a trial, arbitration hearing, or other legal proceeding, our E&O insurance will cover the travel expenses and cost of lost work
  • Full lockbox and open house coverage: Your property receives full coverage up to the policy limits for lockbox and open house incidents

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Business Applications

New Business Application

Fillable PDF document for new clients who would like to place their E&O Insurance with Pearl Insurance.

Renewal Application

Returning clients who would like to continue their E&O Insurance with Pearl Insurance.

Supplemental Applications

XL Claim Form

To file a claim, download this form and fax it to 1.866.817.9009.

Ownership Interest Supplemental Application

Supplemental coverage for firms that list/sell properties that are developed or constructed by a separate business entity owned by the firm, any of its agents, or an immediate family member.

Ownership Interest Supplement

Business Brokerage Supplemental Application

Supplemental coverage for the sale of business opportunities.

Business Brokerage Supplement

Other Real Estate Services Supplemental Application

Supplemental coverage for other real estate services not normally covered under the main policy such as real estate appraisals, real estate auctioning, mortgage brokerage, and property management.

*Click here to take our Qualification Questionnaire to see if you are eligible for an Instant Quote policy. Please refer to your policy language for a description of terms, coverages, amounts, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.

** By purchasing this insurance coverage, you become a member of the Real Estate Professionals Risk Purchasing Group Association (REPRPGA). The $75 membership fee entitles you to the following benefits: Risk Manager - A newsletter providing timely information regarding actual claims, discussions on coverage, and risk, Toll Free Claims Helpline - Staffed by claim personnel with years of Real Estate Errors & Omissions experience, Website Access to Pearl's Risk Reduction Library - Includes risk management tools (i.e. Risk Manager by topic).